Kindly note that, we do not take liability for lateness caused by delayed upload of extra materials. Therefore, ensure all the paper details and extra materials are provided upon placement of an order. If the first version of the paper is delivered beyond the original deadline due to other reasons, a refund may be considered by price recalculation. In calculating the lateness refund, we take into consideration the order price and deadline for delivery. The difference in price is the refund amount. An amount of up to 7{845473e60cb9d0b4d06bc1f8c28ddd546e83405d66ee126f8fe39a3d62ea3a00}is refundable on long term orders (11-14days) upon request. In the case where the first version of a paper is late and is not approved by the customer, a full refund may be considered because the paper may no longer be useful. Lateness refund requests should be submitted in writing on the customer’s order page. They are processed within 14days since the date of delivery.