I am completely dissatisfied with the quality of the paper, so I have decided to write it myself. I request full refund.

In case of complete dissatisfaction with the quality of paper, the following actions may be taken:

  • Request for a free revision
  • Request a different writer to be assigned the order.
  • Request a full refund.

A full refund is applicable if the customer has not previously approved the paper. This is possible by clicking the refund button on the personal order page and choosing” I am completely dissatisfied with the quality of the paper, so I have decided to write it myself. I request full refund.” If the full refund option is chosen, the paper created is immediately posted online for commercial purposes .The customer has 14 days to provide solid reasons to back up the claim. The customer’s own version can also be used as supporting evidence that our writers did not meet his or her expectations. The customer’s paper is not stored in the database or shared to third parties. It is discarded immediately after review. If the dispute department is satisfied then an amount of up to 100{845473e60cb9d0b4d06bc1f8c28ddd546e83405d66ee126f8fe39a3d62ea3a00} is refundable. If the required information is not provided within 14 days the dispute is cancelled and no amount is refunded.

For merit purpose, we publish the completed paper online anytime that we are considering a full refund. In regard to this, we hereby assure you that our works cannot fall victim of plagiarism and incase somebody goggled it, by default it is reflected to our website. To some extent, we publish it as sample essay so as to affirm ultimate protection to our customers once their work is complete and used. To our esteemed customers; we offer a platform where they can review their orders, upon also making request for additional corrections as long these corrections are binding. For your information, once you press “Approve order’ button-the button which enables you to find the edit and print parameter of the paper, you cannot order for full refund. NB Only those that have approved their initial or revised version at least once which qualify for partial refund.

We only allow refund request from our customers submitted via “refund” button from the time you deliver a paper on your personal page within 14 days.