There are instances where an order may be mistakenly charged twice and payment made by the customer. In such a scenario, you are required to forward both receipts received from pay pal which is our payment processing system to the official email and extra payment will be refunded fully within the shortest time possible.

Placement of Two Identical Orders

If you mistakenly complete payment of two orders, contact our customer service immediately via email to clarify the issue. This is to avoid both orders being worked on by our writers. It is the customer’s responsibility to cancel orders not needed before they are assigned to writers. This is because the writers will require compensation for work done.

Unavailability of Writer to work on the Order

We always try our best to ensure that your work is assigned to the most appropriate writer. Nevertheless, in rare occasions the writer may not be available. In such cases, the customer is fully refunded. When a customer requests for a revision of a completed paper by a different writer and a suitable one is unavailable the issue is forwarded to our dispute resolution experts. They follow the standard procedures to review the claim and award an appropriate refund.