100{845473e60cb9d0b4d06bc1f8c28ddd546e83405d66ee126f8fe39a3d62ea3a00} refund is applicable to an order cancelled before being assigned to a writer. In case a writer has already been assigned and it has been indicated on the order status bar, amount refundable is dependent on the paper deadline. If half or less of the period has elapsed the refund is up to 60{845473e60cb9d0b4d06bc1f8c28ddd546e83405d66ee126f8fe39a3d62ea3a00} and up to 40{845473e60cb9d0b4d06bc1f8c28ddd546e83405d66ee126f8fe39a3d62ea3a00} thereafter. This is because the writer who has already started working on the order should be compensated for work done. Kindly note, there is no refund if an order has been completed within the stipulated time and delivered to your order page. However, a refund can be requested via the refund button on the order page if there is any concern regarding quality of the work after the paper has been delivered. If the client has not downloaded the work and cancels the order for circumstances beyond their control, a refund of up to 30{845473e60cb9d0b4d06bc1f8c28ddd546e83405d66ee126f8fe39a3d62ea3a00} may be considered.